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Now most skateboarders know their parts, but this section is geared towards new skaters and parents.

There are a few very important parts to getting your setup to work for you.

This is the main component to making a skateboard, it is also the main product for this site. The deck is the wooden part of the skateboard, these are usually made from about seven pieces of high quality wood glued and compressed together then cut to give the shape. A common skateboard deck is 7ply, or made from seven pieces of wood. The parts where the board raise on the ends are called the nose and the tail. A good board has a nose that is a little bit larger in size than the tail, this is for better control of flip tricks.

The black sandpaper part on top of the deck. This allows the skater to ‘stick’ to the board when they are doing tricks. This is a very important part to skateboarding, without it the rider would slip off the surface of the deck if they attempted to do any kind of trick. *See video below on how to apply GripTape.

The little pads attached under the deck and before the trucks to give more space between the wood and the wheels. If your wheels are to large then they will rub against the deck which is very dangerous and is called “Wheel Bite”. If the skater is going at a decent speed and they get wheel bite they will no doubt go flying forward. Although risers sound important they are rarely used in street skating.

Just like on a car the bearings allow the wheels to turn. If you are a parent buying parts to get your child a skateboard make sure you don’t forget this because most un-informed parents do.

A very important part of a skateboard, without wheels how do you plan on rolling?

The metal axle that attaches to the board. This piece holds the wheels on so a skater can actually skate. Trucks also allow the rider to turn and do certain grind tricks.

Another overlooked piece. The hardware is a set of 8 nuts and bolts which hold the trucks to the skateboard base. If there wasn’t any hardware you wouldn’t be able to do much other than stand on a piece of wood.

“How to Apply Grip Tape to a Skateboard Deck”