Pushing Forward

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Pushing Forward

The website has been under construction and has gotten a brand new look. This was for a few reasons. One being, the site has not had any major updates since January of 2012. The other reasons revolve around you, and I. I’m making changes to the site to be able to keep it more up to date, and bring more content to you. Doing this I have changed the way the shop page works and it will link you to our brand new Storenvy page. This helps keep inventory on our side as well as gives you a visual on how much product we have in stock. I also plan on updating the boring “videos” page to a “media” page that will be some what interactive and include some still images as well as all of the videos previously on the site.

I hope you end up liking the new website for Apricot Skateboards! (:

And if there are any minor hiccups on the site, or any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments of this post or by emailing in on the contact page. There are still some minor updates to be made so keep that in mind!

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